Alerting From Email

It is possible to create an Email integration key from the Service Details page. This will generate a unique email address that can be used for creating alerts.

De-duplication happens by matching subject and body contents automatically. The email subject line will become the alert summary.

You can override de-duplication if needed and use a custom key by adding
+some_value here
before the “@” symbol. De-duplication behaves similarly to the Grafana and generic API integration keys: if there is an open alert, “duplicate suppressed” is logged, otherwise a new alert is created.

Custom Deduplication example
would become
which would match alerts created for the same service, to the same
key, regardless of the subject or body.

On the Service page, Add an Integration Key, select Email and SAVE Copy the Email address and use this with the email-based service that you want to alert on.