Alerting From Generic API

Params can be in query params or body (body takes precedence):

Name Description
token Required The integration key to use.
summary Required Short description of the alert sent as SMS and voice.
details optional Additional information about the alert, supports markdown.
action optional If set to close, it will close any matching alerts.
dedup optional All calls for the same service with the same dedup string will update the same alert (if open) or create a new one. Defaults to using summary & details together.


curl -XPOST https://<>/api/v2/generic/incoming?token=key-here&summary=test&details=test
curl -XPOST https://<>/api/v2/generic/incoming?token=key-here&summary=test&dedup=disk-check
curl -XPOST https://<>/api/v2/generic/incoming?token=key-here&summary=test&action=close