Setup Wizard

The setup wizard guides you through the setup process to create the appropriate service, escalation policy, schedule and rotation for your use case. We recommend everyone start out by using the wizard, which can be found from the left sidebar within the application.

The team name is used to name the artifacts created by the wizard. Please make sure to note what you populate in this field.

On the last page of the wizard, you’ll see a list of all the artifacts it will create for you. Make sure you select Finish on the last page of the wizard to create the artifacts. Now, let’s get familiar with the artifacts the wizard created.

First, lets look at the service by doing the following.

  1. On the left navigation bar, select Services
  2. In the search bar in the menu, type the team name you entered in the wizard to find your service. Select the service to open the details page.
  3. Mark your service as a favorite by selecting the star icon in the upper right of the service details page. Favorite services will show up at the top of the services page but most importantly will filter the alerts page to prioritize showing alerts for your favorite services.
  4. Select the ellipsis in the menu bar (upper right corner) and then select Edit Service. Populate the Service Description field with your ServiceNow assignment group so the TOC can find your team for P1 incidents.

Near the top of the service details page, you’ll see your escalation policy. Go ahead and select the escalation policy name to open the escalation policies detail page. The wizard will create one step on the escalation policy page for you. You can create additional steps if you’d like.

On Step 1 of the escalation policy, you can drill down into additional artifacts created by the wizard. Likely you’ll see a schedule that you can select to open the schedule details page.

Additional information on what you can do with services, escalation policies, schedules, and rotations is included below, however, now you should have a better feel for what’s created and how to navigate in the application.