A rotation is a list of users on your team that will rotate through the on-call schedule. A rotation can be hourly, daily, or weekly. With a weekly rotation, you’ll be the person on-call for a weeks time until you hit your specified handoff day/time. Once you hit the handoff period, the next person in the rotation will be on-call.

Create a Rotation

  1. On the left navigation bar, select Rotations.
  2. Select the + in the lower right.
  3. Fill out the requested information.
  • Choose the timezone that corresponds to the location of the team. Minneapolis based teams should choose America/Chicago and Bangalore based teams should choose Asia/Calcutta.
  • The Shift Length is the duration of the rotation. If you choose a weekly rotation type, set the shift length to 1 if you would like your on-call rotation to last for one week.
  • The handoff time is the time of day the rotation will change.
  • Weekly on-call schedules will need to set the Day of Week field. This is the day that rotation handover occurs.
  1. Add additional users to your rotation by selecting the ellipsis in the menu bar (upper right corner) and then select Add Participant. Note, users will need to login to GoAlert so that their profile can be created before you can add them to a rotation.

Rotation Participants Actions

After your rotation is created, you can reorder the participants by dragging and dropping the profile for the rotation participant. Reordering a rotation will not change the person who is currently the active on-call. If you want to change which rotation participant is the active on-call, find the participant in the rotation participants table. Then, select the ellipsis in the row for this participant and choose Set active. The set active option takes effect immediately. The participant level ellipsis also contains an option for removing a participant from the rotation.